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    Visiting Zoo Leipzig 

    The Leipzig Zoo, also known as Leipzig Zoological Garden, is well-known for its large collection of carnivores. This city-owned zoo first opened its doors in 1878. Spanning 54 acres, it is home to roughly 5,000 animals from around 600 species and is most famous for breeding big cats. The zoo has produced over 2,000 lions and 250 unique Siberian tigers, alongside numerous bears and hyenas. In one of the six themed zones, Gondwanaland, you can immerse yourself in the authentic feel of African, Asian, and South American rainforests, and peek into the zoo’s underwater view of Asian elephants during their routine bath at another!

    From tickets to tips and creature features, we've got you covered for an unforgettable wild adventure. Browse, book, and let's roar!

    Your Zoo Leipzig Tickets Explained

    zoo leipzig tickets

    Tickets to Zoo Leipzig

    With your Zoo Leipzig entry tickets, you can delve into thoughtfully crafted habitats of Africa, South America, Asia, and more, where 850 animal species, including endangered ones, thrive. The tickets give access to Founder's house, Pongoland, Gondwanaland, Adventure World Africa, Adventure World South America and Adventure World Asia.

    Embark on a boat journey, capture the breathtaking expanse of Europe's largest tropical adventure hall from the vantage point of an observation deck and even witness the daily bathing rituals of Asia's majestic elephant herd, observing them from an underwater perspective.

    Zones at Zoo Leipzig

    zoo leipzig

    Founder's House

    The Founder's House at Zoo Leipzig showcases the vision of the zoo's founder, providing a glimpse into the early days of the zoo. It was created by Ernst Pinkert, who started the zoo in 1878. Here you can see koalas, golden lion tamarins, coppery titi monkeys, and bearded emperor tamarins.

    zoo leipzig


    Pongoland is a unique global ape habitat. It's home to chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans. This new and roomy outdoor space for apes opened in 2001. It also has a study center with the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology where visitors can observe these intelligent creatures up close.

    zoo leipzig


    Gondwanaland is a colossal greenhouse unveiled in 2010. Spanning 16,500 square meters, it mimics a tropical environment, housing nearly 200 unique animals, including the rare Eastern Quoll from Australia, and 500 distinct plant varieties. For a minor extra charge, guests can also enjoy a boat ride.

    zoo leipzig

    Adventure World Africa

    In this large habitat, Savannah creatures like zebras, giraffes, and ostriches coexist peacefully, mirroring their natural environments. There are also enclosures for larger predators like hyenas, lions, and meerkats. There are numerous points for observing these animals.

    zoo leipzig

    Adventure World South America

    Explore the vibrant and diverse landscapes of South America with a trip from Hacienda Las Casas, a restored Art Nouveau building. Here, you'll see landscapes resembling Pantanal, Pampas, and Patagonia, along with a lagoon full of flamingos and other captivating species.

    zoo leipzig

    Adventure World Asia

    See the wonders of the Far East come to life. Majestic Indian elephants enjoy a pool where visitors can watch them swim. Additionally, you can encounter animals such as the Chinese pangolin, a critically endangered species, the Siberian tiger, sloth bear, and snow leopards.

    What to See at Zoo Leipzig?

    zoo leipzig

    Monkey Isles

    As you step into the zoo, the Monkey Isles welcome you with open arms. Here, you'll encounter a delightful group of rare golden lion tamarins, coppery titi monkeys, and bearded emperor tamarins.

    What to see: Lion tamarins, Titi monkeys, and Emperor tamarins

    zoo leipzig

    Saltwater Pools

    Explore vibrant symbiotic communities from tropical seas in saltwater pools. Witness hammerhead sharks and cownose rays in the impressive 360˚ panorama tank.

    What to see: Hammerhead sharks and Cownose rays

    zoo leipzig

    Koala House

    Opened in 2016, the koala house is a unique attraction. The interior recreates the eucalyptus forest, mimicking their natural habitat, where you can spot the cute furry friends playing around.

    What to see: Koalas!

    zoo leipzig

    Australian Birds

    Visit the aviary across from the koala house to see and interact with the playful budgerigars. Walk along the path through their habitat for an up-close experience with these sociable Australian birds.

    What to see: Bernier's Teal and Budgerigar

    zoo leipzig

    Bear Ravine

    Observe the action-packed sloth bear ravine, where bears play on grass and climb trees. They share a large outdoor enclosure with Rhesus macaques, surrounded by rocks and water ditches.

    What to see: Sloth bear and Rhesus macaques

    zoo leipzig

    Przewalski Horses

    The steppe landscape provides a perfect home for the Przewalski horses. Tragically, the species went extinct in  1969. Today, thanks to successful reintroduction efforts, including individuals bred at Zoo Leipzig, they are returning to their natural habitat.

    What to see: Przewalski horses

    zoo leipzig

    Ganesha Mandir

    Witness Asian pachyderms in the remarkable Ganesha Mandir, Europe's modern elephant enclosure. They can be found in the temple building, outdoor area, or bathing pools, showcasing their love for water, as they splash around in their signature playful manner.

    What to see: Asian Elephants

    zoo leipzig

    Deer House

    Discover the small deer house, built in 1908, where rare even-toed ungulates await your visit. Observe the endangered Visayan warty-hogs from the Philippines. The zoo also houses the anoas, also known as midget buffalos, in this area.

    What to see: Deer, Visayan warty-hogs and Midget buffalos

    zoo leipzig

    Tiger Taiga

    In Tiger Taiga, see the world's largest cats, Amur tigers, roaming in the woodlands. Notice how they act in their natural element. Observe them up close at the see-through panel. Visit the stag house for an informative exhibition on these endangered species.

    What to see: Amur tigers

    zoo leipzig

    Natural Habitat

    Experience animals in a near-natural environment. Pygmy hippos and Diana monkeys cohabit near a waterfall. Nearby, owl-faced monkeys and Kirk's dik-diks share space. Explore Madagascar's wildlife featuring crowned lemurs and radiated tortoises.

    What to see: Pygmy hippos, Diana monkeys, and Kirk's dik-diks

    zoo leipzig

    Makasi Simba

    Visit Makasi Simba for lions that you can observe from panoramic screens in their cave. Near them, watch meerkats, busy digging or sunbathing. Further along, listen for the unique sound of 'laughing' spotted hyenas awaiting your visit.

    What to see: Lions and Hyenas

    zoo leipzig

    Underwater Tunnel

    Explore Leipzig's South American landscape housing seals and penguins in an aquatic habitat with a wave machine. Walk through an underwater tunnel, viewing these animals as if on a diving adventure, but without all the hassle of getting drenched in the process!

    What to see: Seals and Penguins

    Plan Your Visit To Zoo Leipzig

    Getting There
    Visitor Tips
    zoo leipzig

    1 January - 20 March: 9 AM to 5 PM

    21 March - 30 April: 9 AM to 6 PM

    1 May - 30 September: 9 AM to 7 PM

    1 October - 30 October: 9 AM to 6 PM

    • 31 October (Halloween): 9 AM to 8 PM

    1 November - 30 December: 9 AM to 5 PM

    • 24 December (Christmas Eve): 9 AM to 3 PM
    • 31 December (New Year's Eve): 9 AM to 3 PM

    Best Time To Visit: Visit during zookeeper talks and feeding times in the late morning and early afternoon. For fewer crowds, go on a midweek visit outside the peak summer season and school holidays.

    Address: Leipzig Zoo, Pfaffendorfer Str. 29, 04105 Leipzig, Germany

    Find on Maps.

    • By Tram: Tram line 4 or 12
      Nearest Station: Zoo, Leipzig
    • By Bus: Bus number N5
      Nearest Stop: Zoo, Leipzig
    • By Car: Distance from Airport: 13.1 km
      Car Parking: Park on Location (The zoo has 1,300 parking spaces near the main entrance). 
    zoo leipzig
    • Feeding animals is strictly forbidden.
    • Visitors to the zoo must stay on designated paths and areas.
    • Do not annoy, tease, or bang on the windows of the animals.
    • Do not trespass over barriers or allow your children to sit on enclosure fences.
    • Throwing objects into water bodies and enclosures is strictly prohibited.
    • Bringing animals into the zoological garden is not allowed.
    • Photography and filming are allowed for private use, respecting the privacy rights of visitors and employees.
    • Zoo rule violations may lead to a ban enforced by zoo staff.
    zoo leipzig
    • Naturkundemuseum: Leipzig's Natural History Museum gathers, studies, and preserves north-western Saxony's natural treasures in geology, botany, zoology, and archaeology. It is located 0.8 KM from the Leipzig Zoo.
    • St Thomas Church: St. Thomas Church is a famous Lutheran Church. It's where Johann Sebastian Bach worked and is buried. The church is home to Thomanerchor, a boy's choir from 1212. This historic site is just a short 2.2km distance from Zoo Leipzig.
    • Völkerschlachtdenkmal: The Battle of the Nations Monument (German:Völkerschlachtdenkmal) in Leipzig commemorates Napoleon's defeat in 1813. This historic monument is a key point in the War of the Sixth Coalition. It is located 6.2 km away from Zoo Leipzig.
    zoo leipzig
    • Visitors with disabilities can avail of no-queue ticket service at the safari office desk.
    • The park has wide paths and ramps suitable for wheelchairs and buggies.
    • Wheelchair rental is available for free; a deposit is required.
    • Restaurants within the park are equipped with disabled-accessible toilets.
    • The zoo provides dedicated accessible parking spaces in covered garages.
    • Extensive ground-level viewing windows offer exciting views from all angles. 
    • Souvenirs, including t-shirts, hats, and stuffed animals sold at gift shops.
    • Conference center with 1,200 person capacity, suitable for meetings, conferences, and weddings.
    • Playground equipped with climbing structures, slides, and swings for children.
    zoo leipzig
    • Kiwara Lodge: Located in the African Savannah, it offers a self-service buffet of African specialties. Enjoy a fantastic view of giraffes, zebras, and oryx while dining.
    • Palmensaal: This restaurant provides 300 seats with stylish palm decor. Features a terrace overlooking the concert garden, offering all-day dining in scenic surroundings.
    • Bamboo Bar: Visit this eatery for light snacks and refreshments before embarking on a boat journey in Gondwanaland. Located near the boat jetty on the village square.
    • Restaurant Patakan: With 150 seats, it serves Far East cuisine amidst lush tropical views. Ideal for hungry explorers journeying through Gondwanaland.
    • Bärenburg-Café: Situated near a giant dragon, it offers terraced seating. Family Kandler provides a tasty selection of homemade pastries, ice cream, and BBQ sausages.
    Zoo Leipzig tickets
    • No dogs are allowed in the zoo.
    • Strollers and baby carriages are available for rent at the entrance for a fee.
    • Allow 3-4 hours minimum to visit all exhibits; full day preferred.
    • Advanced ticket booking is recommended due to potential peak season lines.
    • Health and safety measures implemented for visitor comfort. 
    • No sharp objects, lighters, luggage bags, alcohol, or knives are allowed.
    • Drinking and smoking within the zoo are strictly prohibited.
    • All international visitors must provide passport and visa details upon arrival.

    All Your Questions About Zoo Leipzig Tickets Answered

    What is the cost of Zoo Leipzig tickets?

    The cost of Zoo Leipzig tickets is 22,- € for adults and 14,- € for children aged 6 to 16. Children below the age of 6 can enter for free.

    What is Zoo Leipzig?

    Established in 1878, Leipzig Zoo hosts a diverse collection of animal species and vegetation often found only in non-European wildlife. It is located in the city center and offers six themed worlds showcasing around 900 animal species.

    How to reach Zoo Leipzig?

    Leipzig Zoo is conveniently accessible via local (S-Bahn), regional, and long-distance trains. From Leipzig's central train station, it's just a short tram ride on No. 12 or a 10-minute walk to the zoo. 

    Where is Zoo Leipzig located?

    It is located at Pfaffendorfer Str. 29, 04105 Leipzig, Germany.

    What are some of the highlights of Zoo Leipzig?

    Leipzig Zoo is known for its notable building projects: Pongoland (home to gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, and orangutans) and Gondwanaland (the second-largest indoor rainforest hall in the world).

    What are the timings of Zoo Leipzig?

    The Zoo Leipzig opens daily, even on public holidays, from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M.

    Is Zoo Leipzig wheelchair accessible?

    Yes, a free wheelchair is offered with a deposit.

    Is Photography allowed in Zoo Leipzig?

    Photography and filming for personal use are permitted.

    Is it worth visiting Zoo Leipzig?

    The journey to Zoo Leipzig can be truly worthwhile. The entrance fees are reasonable. The zoo features spacious enclosures, themed areas, and highlights like Pongoland, Kiwara Savannah, and the impressive Gondwanaland. Restaurants and food stands offer satisfying meals at fair prices. Clean toilets are available, with the option to pay for use.